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HU 13098 ABS Edge Red Smooth 100 Gloss 10°

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Dimensions Coil length
22x1mm Gl. 10°
200 m
22x2mm Gloss 10°
100 m
42x1mm Gloss 10°
200 m
42x2mm Gloss 10°
100 m
205x1mm Gloss 10°
41 m2
205x2mm Gloss 10°
21 m2

Product description

We offer over 600 one-color decors for ABS edges. The most popular ABS edge surfaces from Hranipex include smooth and pearl, but we also offer engravings with lines, dimples, imitation leather, stone and many other types of surfaces. Order ABS furniture edges from a length of 1 m. You don't have to buy a large pack of edges because of one piece of furniture. You save.

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