We offer a complete service

Based on our many years of experience in industry, we offer expert consultation and accurate recommendations for your production. Premium service and quality is the most important thing for us. We will be happy to help any carpenter. We are working to ensure that every good job gets the same support.

Slitting the ABS edges in atypical dimensions

In this way we easily find a way to prepare the edge at the width you need. Even if we don’t offer it as standard. We’ll find a way.

Starting from 1 m

We offer edges as well as jumbo rolls from 1 metre, always by metr. So you don’t have to buy a large package just for one item of furniture. You will save.

We make ABS edges in atypical dimensions

Do you want a different color or edge decor? We will be happy to prepare it for you. UNI colours from 100 m. For more information contact our sales representative.

We have Hot-Air for you

We can apply a functional layer for Hot-Air edging to any ABS edge. The layer is colored to the color of the edge. This achieves the zero gap effect.

Applying adhesive

Do you need an edge with adhesive already applied? Not a problem. We apply glue to the edges of the Hranipex collection within 2-4 days.


We apply a polish from 10° to 90° on any edge in the UNI colour.

We apply functional layers

We can apply a functional layer for laser banding on any ABS edge. You just have to ask.

Adhesives and cleaners

You don´t know which adhesive to use?

We´ll help you with a choice of good adhesive for different usages - glue machine, hand gluing, construction gluing, flat gluing.

What keeps clean production?

We´ll help you with a choice of good cleaners too - for hand cleaning, for your glue machine, and many others.

Help in your production?

We´ll help you with setting of good conditions and with testing of adhesive your on machine.

Do you have specific requirements?

Thanks to our development we have the possibility of developing an adhesive or cleaner for your needs.