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Do you want to shop quickly, easily and always see yout exact prices? You can easily find everything you need, from ABS edges, adhesives, cleaners, or other accessories in our new e-shop. Just a few steps for convenient shopping.


Join us by creating your own account by simply signing up. Fill in the necessary details and you can start shopping from the basic price immediately after registration.


We will check that the filled-in details are correct and send a registration confirmation to your e-mail. Now nothing prevents you from shopping with your individual pricelist prices.


The easiest part comes now. Choose furniture edges in the required dimensions, let them produce the edges according to your requirements, choose a suitable quality glue, cleaners for your machines and furniture parts, or other products from our assortment and put the required quantity into the basket.


If you have everything selected and placed in your shopping cart, proceed to the next steps to create and confirm your order.