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Our new softmat modification, which has a visual and tactile effect in the background of the entire decor, is key to the natural feeling of the wood structure.

Discover all our surfaces

In recent years, we have witnessed the rapid development of decors of flat materials. Today, surfaces and structures faithfully bring the form of wood and other materials, which would otherwise be very difficult to transfer to the creation of interiors. However, the materials have not only a visual but also a significant tactile effect, which must also be reflected in the form of edges. Each new collection is a challenge for us to further develop edge surfaces. A whole team of specialists with a maximum sense of detail is dedicated to this. We are uncompromising, we place a strong emphasis on development and we pay attention to each decor individually. We are able to bring you edges with top surface structures for a long time, in which you will find perfect harmony with the surface material.

Such structures include the edges of NW-Natural wood boards, the Pfleiderer series, or the NI surface of FunderMax boards. The NW and NI structures transferred to our edges are characterized by a decent wood pore and are complemented by a super-fine and matte softmat surface. For the RU structure - Rustic Wood (Pfleiderer), we have developed a deeper wood structure, drawn in all details, again supplemented by a soft surface. It is this surface treatment, which acts in the background of the entire decor, that is key to the natural feeling of the wood structure.

However, updating our collection is not limited to the development and inclusion of new products, but also the constant revision and optimization of the entire collection so that we can always offer you the correct assignment of the edge to the board, without compromise and in top quality. If you are in doubt as to whether you have found the best solution, we can always advise you on the assignment and also offer an edge sample.